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Both physical gold and digital gold are very scarce in supply. The available quantity of physical gold is constantly increasing by about 1.5% per year. Gold is therefore considered the hardest money in the world. Bitcoin, as digital gold, has a constantly increasing degree of hardness and is absolutely limited in its quantity. Particularly in an environment of over-indebtedness and strong money supply inflation on the part of central banks, these investments therefore have strong upside potential.


The investment strategy aims to provide an uncorrelated investment with an attractive risk/return ratio via an asset allocation of approximately 75% in physical gold and approximately 25% in digital gold. The extreme volatility associated with investments in digital assets such as Bitcoin can be significantly reduced overall by combining it with physical gold. A liquid, alternative investment as a regulated fund with safe custody of the assets.


High volatilities are usually a thorn in the side of investors. This strategy aims to take advantage of volatility and convert the high fluctuations of digital gold into physical gold. This happens in two ways: On the one hand by regularly rebalancing the asset classes. In this way, profits are taken when Bitcoin prices rise sharply. On the other hand, the rebalancing is implemented profitably via derivative instruments. The attractive implicit volatilities on the options market are used to create a steady cash flow.

Digital vs Physical Gold: a Prudent Investment Strategy for this Decade | Mark Valek




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